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RMB appreciation plus rising mainland production Gongben recently there are many well-known international shoe like Adidas (Adidas), Nike (Nike) will have to move out of the mainland production base, the other as Clacks, K-Swiss, Bakers, etc. industry, have also increased in Vietnam, Indonesia, th cheap jordan shoes for men e pipeline, so known as the "workshop of the world", he said the continent overshadowed. China Economic Observer reported on these foreign manufacturing industry, rising Gongben they chose to give up the mainland market, the main cause of manufacturing. Labor, raw materials, land, environmental Cheap air jordan 12 ovo protection and other Gongben increasing rapidly in 2007-2008 between. According to the National Bureau of Statistics latest data show that the CPC, the first half of this year, the mainland city of half the average salary is 12,000 yuan, up 18.0% over last year. Insiders said the production in Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping crease has become the first factor Gongben industrial transfer. Asia Footwear Association latest survey, the current Vietnamese labor Gongben of $ 3.14 per day, slightly less than $ 3.5 per day in India and Dongguan $ 5 a day. As a result, like Clacks, K-Swiss, Bakers and other businesses have amp cheap jordans online lified Vietnam pipeline. eliminate human Gongben, the footwear industry in the continent will have to face many adverse situations, such as the appreciation of the renminbi, the footwear must spend more money to purchase raw materials, and improve land Gongben, mainland Local governments began t Retro jordans for sale o launch light pollution, high labor quality corporate replace low-value manufacturing. Asia Footwear Association Secretary-General Li believes that Southeast Asia is not the people imagine heaven low Gongben, and India, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries as compared to the mainland sti cheap jordans for sale mens ll has advantages. Especially when compared with the mainland skilled labor force, and the Southeast Asian country's human Gongben not be much lower than on the mainland. For most local footwear manufacturers in mainland China, the international shoe giants have transferred production base in ma cheap foamposites inland China, but only alternative in the current environment. But these international shoe giant's relocation, but also to reflect the local industry, industrial restructuring is eager task. Experts believe that the relocation is not a cure-all panacea, except Gongben reckoning, but also consid Cheap air jordans for sale er supporting industries, marketing, logistics facilities, local industrial policies and local customs and many other factors. [Reporter Chen Huimin / roundup] currently manufactured in China is still leading a little advantage in Southeast Asia, India and other countries. Footwear pointed out, Retro jordans for sale and China skilled workforce compared to actual human Gongben Southeast Asian countries and China will not be lower than the number. According to a survey of Asian Footwear Association, the Thai minimum wage to 200 baht per day, with Chinese workers fairly, but Thailand's foreign reflect, "Thai wor cheap jordans for sale kers to work very slowly, a Chinese worker top two or three Thai workers." In addition, the Chinese footwear industry supporting capacity is still better than Southeast Asian countries. Vietnam's footwear industry must still provide raw materials through the Pearl River Delta and Taiwan, can not be completely self-sufficient, contrast, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, Fujian Province and rich and so form a complete industrial supply chain, the formation of fine division, has also attracted international procurement Suppliers for the next single. Footwear pointed out that the development of the Chinese mainland for many years, a complete industrial chain, still can not replace its advantages, in a short time.black uppers of blue sports presents details, the Air Jordan 3 " Sport Blue" in the calm dark shoes with vibrant blue sports as the ornament, the visual contrast effect is quite special, and collocation classic black dress and black ash burst decoration vamp will continue to extend the classical style. item: 136064-007 release date: August 16ththe starting two colors are black and dark gray color. related information:The use of item: 832596-025 release date: September 10, 2016

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