Sell Your vehicle

Take a few pictures from your phone(We Buy and Sell Cars, Trucks and Bikes) We have connections all over the country to get you the absolute highest price for your vehicle.


Bad or No Credit

You have a steady income we will have you driving away with a vehicle and a big smile. We do Used Car Leasing and Online Buy Here Pay Here 

Your only option to buy Over 100K mile vehicles at near wholesale prices with zero risk


Over100KoK is the only place to get a warranty on Vehicles with over 100K miles. Cars these days are made to go over 200K miles in most cases

See a vehcile in our inventory you like, put down a totally refundable $500 for us to hold the vehicle while make up your mind(No one else can purchase it)

Once you decide you want the vehicle we will deliver it anywhere in the lower 48 United states at our wholesale cost

You have a full 48 hours of warranty where we will have any major mechical issue repaired

No Risk, No Hagle, Just Pure Satiffaction



Our wholesale cost delivery

We’ll deliver your vehicle anywhere you want in the lower 48 states at our wholesale cost

Used Car Leasing

You have steady income, regardless of your credit, we have the vehicle lease for you!

Online Buy Here Pay Here

Regardless of your credit, you would rather own then lease As long as you have a steady income, you pay us bi-monthly or monthly, the car is yours after you complete the payments

You have a 100% warranty for up to 48 hours on any major mechanical problem

You pay near wholesale price and have up to 48 hour warranty. We make sure your happy and the car is perfect for you with no major flaws(Again, We give you up to a 48 hour warranty on any major mechanical issue. Over 100K OK gives you the opprtunity to have no fear buying a Over 100K mile vehicle. In most cases, you can retail out of the car when your done with it.(Imagine using the car you buy from us and not loosing money on it when its time to move on) No need to buy eslswhere, Over100KOK is your new home for buying Over 100K vehicles!

Don't have what your looking for. Fill out our Vehicle Wish List and we will contact you immediately when we have it or something close to it that you might be interested in. State your preferred method of contact.
We will contact you immediately once we get it in

Frequently Answered Questions
We have hundreds of years combined in the pre-owned vehicle business. What makes us different?You pay wholesale prices for cars when buying from AutoU4ea. Selling to the public, for wholesale prices and taking away any risk, we know cars we know trucks, we know motorcycles. We sell vehicles to you for what there worth(Wholesale) and we service customers on any budget with bad or no credit. No Haggle Pricing, never a need to negotiate, No haggle only makes sense when your paying wholesale prices. Zero risk, you don’t like the vehicle we buy it back, you have up to 8 days 300 mile to get a 100% refund!
You have a down payment and a steady income, regardless of your credit, we have the vehicle lease for you! Used Car Leasing, a new but very wise way to get your next car. We offer up to 20,000 miles per year, more then any new car lease. We help minimize the risk of paying out of pocket for overage of miles at the end of your lease.
AutoU4ea buys vehicles from the public. Take a few pictures from your phone and describe any previous and current damage. Although the price may be to high for us to wholesale to you, we have connections all over the country to get you the absolute highest price for your vehicle.
We are charging a wholesale price on our cars. If you add up your purchase price and wholesale transportation cost you will see you’ll be saving up to 50% off what our competitors charge(Free Transportation is just a come on to think your getting something for Free) You are actually paying so much this is not a problem. We sell you a car at a wholesale price and don't make any money on delivering the vehicle. The car isn't what you expected we will buy it back(up to a 100% refund)